Jewelry in just about every form is a delight to wear. However, the choice of jewelry is variable and differs from person to person. While some people go for the expensive and authentic hand made jewelry others may want to stock their wardrobe with fashionable and trendy items. If truth be told, both of these have their own set of pros and cons. Here we’ll try and compare both these types of jewelry on the basis of quality, affordability and durability.

Before that, let’s just discuss what handmade and machine made jewelry are and what is it that makes them popular?

Machine Made Jewelry

The jewelry that is manufactured using machine is known as the machine made jewelry. Most of the modern jewelry pieces of today are made using machines. Jewelers these days prefer machines over artisans as machines are capable of copying accurate and exact jewelry design elements. Further, machines can produce a considerably huge volume of the high end fashion jewelry in little time. No wonder, the machine made jewelries offer better finish, more variety and are also easy on pockets thereby offering better profits to the jewelers.

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is carefully handcrafted by the skilled artisans who put in hours of labor to come up with intricate designs by way of the age old methods. Though, the handmade jewelry is not as finished as the machine made jewelry, it is highly valued and priced for the skill and art that goes in its making. Handmade jewelry has an elegance and charm thereby making it an ideal gift for someone special.

Pros and Cons of Machine Made Jewelries


  • Machine made jewelry, be it precious, low end or semi precious, is usually fashionable and offer beautiful range of finishes and designs to choose from.


  • However beautiful the machine made jewelry appears in the beginning, it will easily wear down.

  • Repairing machine made jewelry is often difficult. Moreover, the repair leaves ugly scars that can make your precious item appear worthless. Polishes and finishes that actually make a jewelry attractive are indeed a limitation when it comes to repairing of a jewelry piece. Polish has a tendency to burn out easily and cause irreparable damage to the articles.

Bottom line

If you know how to maintain your jewelry items well, nothing can assure you more elegance and variety than an extremely beautiful and fashionable machine made jewelry.

Pros and Cons of Hand Made Jewelries


  • The handmade jewelry is often fitted with precious or semi precious crystals that are coveted by both consumers and designers.

  • It is an investment and can be repaired easily with minimum effort.

  • It can be manufactured using all gemstone and metal combinations.


Usually, a little on the pricier side.

Final Say

Whichever type of jewelry you choose – handmade or machine made, just remember, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. So, make your choice of jewelry now!