When it comes to getting engaged, you usually feel like there’s nobody who could possibly feel the way you do, and that your love for each other is unparalleled. It’s no surprise that some people want to symbolize this feeling by choosing a unique engagement ring. There are thousands of beautiful inventory rings from wonderful companies, but many feel that it just wouldn’t suit them to have a ring that someone else could possibly be wearing.

Some people have gone so far as to say they feel like they felt their relationship wasn’t unique because someone else had their ring. On the flip side, most people are completely comfortable purchasing an inventory ring from a jeweler, and feel it has no bearing on their relationship. Whatever your choice may be, you’ve landed on this article because you may be interested in purchasing a unique engagement ring and want some more information. There are limitless options to go with, but here are a few designs that are unique and very popular right now.

The Mokume ring is definitely unique. Its pattern literally screams “I’m different!” Mokume rings are made by mixing precious metals together to create a unique swirl finish that encircles the entire ring. They have an almost marble-like appearance. This ring design stems from ancient Japan, and was common among the upper class. The ring can be extremely ornate, or simplicity; however, because the ring has such a dramatic appearance, it might be best to choose a simple stone setting that will enhance the ring’s elegance.

These rings have a beautiful symbolic nature. The ring represents two souls coming together to form a unique and symbiotic relationship. Interlocking designs can be made up of different precious metals that are connected, or even two rings connected together… almost like a puzzle! The design patterns are endless, right down to the settings. This is a great ring to play with if you really want to get creative, because it has such great flexibility.

You have two options when choosing an interlocking ring. You can choose to have two interlocking rings for one person. The other option is to choose two interlocking rings that fit together, but each person wears their own. For example, the wife has ring A, and the husband has ring B, but the rings can be locked together. This symbolizes that the pair fits together perfectly… as if they were made for each other.
Many people feel a strong sense of identity that pulls them towards the use of symbols in their engagement rings. There are many popular designs that incorporate symbols into rings. For example, creating a ring with the infinity symbol is extremely popular. The loops within the infinity symbol can be used to hold the stones. Other popular symbols are family crests, the Claddagh symbol, or other symbols that are meaningful to the couple. There are many design options are available which you can choose for your memorable and special day.