I doubt, therefore, I exist – it is a thought that is a motto of many individuals. But in the field of love, sometimes there is a thin line between doubt and paranoia.Ellen Starr Counselling is a unique place where you can get help for your marital problems.

For a second, at least everyone got scared of the abnormal absence of attention, worrying us the possibility that we are no longer the only person in our partner’s life. In their heart. In their thoughts.

So the next thing we do is put on a detective suit, and start spying on our partners.
How? To be honest, there are so many ways to do that.
Looking for a proof that the partner hides something, we start to lookat his things. We are looking for some sign, trace, print, smell. Anything that will lead us to the conclusion – yes, he is cheating.
Whenever we are in a situation, we go through his phone. We read messages, watch images, check the call list. And when we do not have proof, each letter is a trigger for doubt, accelerates the appetite for new spyware moves. We blame him on the profiles of all these social networks, we desperately search his “Facebook” and “Instagram” profiles, we go through his friends and see who likes his images…

As many as 43 percent of women admit that they regularly spy on their partner, while 21 percent of men have confirmed the answer.
Women are sometimes prone to constantly demanding proof that they are deceived and that their suspicion is not unreasonable. – They need more than just being in a relationship for amen to gain her trust, but also to keep it. Because of this, they are often, “sniffing” their partners to feel a female perfume, looking for lipstick prints on the shirt, kisses in text message… Men are not naive, but it seems that they do it with less interest or maybe they are just subtle, so you do not notice so much.

Experts do not accept justifiable jealousy as an excuse to take someone’s phone, read e-mails of friends, colleagues, or even sympathies. But we all know that in practice it is not so easy to overcome a jealousy or just casual curiosity what our love does when we do not watch him. Do we have the right to constantly go through his things?

Technically we do not have. The breaking of someone’s privacy happens as soon as we look in his bag, without having examined in detail what is in it. However, it is in the nature of a human being to doubt and feel that their partner does not love them anymore, especially when he feels that he is distant, often thought-out, cold or rude. It is difficult to be a judge in this story, but if it must already happen, “spying” should be reduced to the lowest possible extent.