Article written by Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai

The style of mermaid wedding dresses has existed for more than a hundred years and still remains very relevant and in demand. It is easy to recognize by a narrow fit on the waist and hips and an extended lush skirt. This form, which resembles the tail of a mermaid, gave such a poetic name to such outfits.

A mermaid wedding dress with lace is an eternal classic, which is now experiencing a second birth. The most delicate lace of milk-white shade, ivory or cream color is an ideal option for the most romantic brides. These dresses look very feminine and airy. Dresses with asymmetrical elements, for example, with one shoulder are very stylish and modern solutions. Such models will help you to look unconventional and interesting. In addition, they will make a compliment to your figure (unusual asymmetrical details will distract attention from small shortcomings of the figure). Mermaid gowns made of corrugated taffeta are very popular nowadays. Effective creases and drapes, a corrugated décolletage line, a magnificent rustling hem – all these details add special chic to the bride’s appearance.

How to Choose a Dress, Which Will Suit Your Figure?

As we have already noted, such outfits do not suit every bride. If you want to put on this particular dress on your wedding day, we recommend you to take into account several recommendations that will help you to choose the perfect outfit, which will rightly emphasize the peculiarities of your figure.
A mermaid wedding dress with a train is an excellent solution for small girls who want to add visually a few centimeters of height. A tight-fitting cut is much better suited to such brides than very lush and voluminous dresses. Moreover, an elegant train will make your figure even more elegant.

Slender tall women with chiseled hips and slender legs can wear any model of such dress. If your figure is not so perfect, you need to be as cautious as possible when choosing such a model. A tight fit in the waist and hips areas will emphasize everything, even minor flaws. A fluffy frill at the waist zone will somewhat soften the degree of fit and will hide the imperfections of the figure. By the way, this cut will suit not only girls with large forms, but on the contrary, very thin brides who dream to add a little volume to their hips.